Audit Systems / Database Implementation


  • Role: Senior Project Manager / Senior Program Manager
  • Client: Hydro One
  • Industry: Government, Utility
  • Project Types:  Program Management, Applications, Infrastructure
  • Scope: Enterprise
  • Team: (75)  In House, Technical, Business, Vendor
  • Budget:  $30M
  • Duration: 36 months (1990-93)


Led the startup of a residential audit group charged with developing and implementing the largest consumer survey/marketing initiative of its kind in North America.

The project involved organizational development, application and infrastructure development, multi-stakeholder agreements, large database development, custom reporting, large volume information processing, Integration with Financial reporting system.


Program / Project Management

Led the procurement, design, development and management of a large, logistically complex, multi-phase province-wide project to compile a comprehensive database of province-wide energy use data.

Managed complex logistics of rolling out program launches in 200 communities.

Managed $30M budget, including several multi-million dollar outsourcing contract.

Built, trained and directed multiple teams consisting of over 75 in-house and contracted IT resources for the development of all applications and system components required to collect, analyse and process high data volumes.

Negotiated partnership agreements and service level contracts with more than 300 stakeholder, including utility, retail and government sponsors.

Application Development

Project targeted 2.5 million households with scanable surveys which, when returned, required extensive analysis and processing.

Developed and implemented a fully automated data collection and processing system able to handle a large volume of information

Integrated database with financial reporting system

Infrastructure Development

Provided several hundred utilities with access to the customer database and corresponding energy use profiles; involved the integration of over 100 different systems.


Project was delivered on-time and on-budget and achieved a 40% customer participation rate and a 95% consumer service satisfaction.

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