Enterprise Application Monitoring


  • Role:  Senior  Project Manager
  • Client: TD Bank
  • Summary: Enterprise Application Monitoring
  • Industry: Financial Services / Banking

Oversee the development and implementation of an Enterprise End to End Application Transaction Monitoring Project to meet the following objectives:

  • Improve Incident management by reducing mean time to resolve (MTTR)
  • Provide real-time end-to-end application visibility
  • Reduce work effort and time to diagnose root cause of an incident
  • Proactively detect potential performance issues in the development and test environments
  • Identify application performance issues before degradation is realized by the customer
  • Provide meaningful instrumentation and fault information to support teams and/or developers
  • Improve our ability to proactively detect the performance impact of a change
  • Serve as an automated mechanism to provide high level validation of changes
  •  Improve Application and Service availability reporting at scale at the application / service level
  • Define process to on-board new applications

End-to-end monitoring will also facilitate the move to cloud computing through its ability to provide a view from cloud to enterprise by implementing dashboards that depict the real-time status of applications and transactions and assist IT in tracking and fixing problems within and outside the firewall.

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