Application Upgrades, HST Compliance


  • Role:  Senior  Project Manager
  • Client: CIBC
  • Summary: Managed full SDLC to upgrade 5 applications for HST Compliance
  • Industry: Financial, Banking
  • Project Types:  Application, Compliance
  • Scope:  Asset Management
  • Team: In-house, Vendor Management
  • Budget: $2 Million
  • Duration: 8 months (2010)
  • Result: All 5 Applications HST compliant


The HST program at CIBC will identify and remediate systems to enable collection and payment of HST (clients and vendors) and will develop a reporting platform for Taxation to enable effective, efficient, accurate and auditable tax submissions to the Federal government.

As part of this program, I was responsible to manage upgrades for a portfolio of five applications within CIBC Asset Management, including Corfax (IFDS), CPAS (CPAS), TOPS (QOS), Unitrax (CITI) and Reciprocal Referral Program (In-house).

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