IT Modernization


  • Role: Senior Consultant / Senior Project Manager
  • Client: Western Inventory Services
  • Industry: Business Services
  • Project Types:  Infrastructure, Networking, Business Processes
  • Scope: Enterprise
  • Team: (15) In-house, IT, Management
  • Budget:
  • Duration: 12 months (1996-97)


Led an enterprise-wide business process review and technology infrastructure assessment resulting in The “Virtual Office Project”—a reengineering effort involving a complete WAN and LAN infrastructure upgrade and standardization



  • Developed corporate IT strategy and business case for platform (LAN) standardization, wide-area connectivity and system integration for 2000 employees in 52 offices across North America.
  • Implemented business process improvements on a priority cost-benefit basis.

Project Management

  • Managed in-house IT, application development and configuration, help desk, user and management teams.
  • Managed multiple outsourcing contracts for telecom, BPR, infrastructure upgrades, database migration and hardware supply.

Application Development

  • Designed, developed and tested a mission-critical web-based enterprise scheduling application.

Infrastructure & Network Development

  • Planned and directed the development, implementation and support of a corporate intranet involving the modification of existing applications and systems and the implementation of upgraded networks and desktops to current industry standards.


  • Delivered the Phase I implementation on time (9 months) while managing within a zero based budgeting approval process.
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