Pension Application Development


  • Role:  Senior Project Manager
  • Client:  Brewers Retail via Buck Consultants
  • Industry: Retail / Government
  • Project Types:  Process Management / Application
  • Scope:
  • Team:  In house, client resources, technical, functional
  • Budget:
  • Duration: 16 months (1998-2000)


Dual project management role leading design, development and implementation of a 3-tier client-server pension administration application for Brewer’s Retail.


Process Management

  • Business process analysis and re-engineering for automation and integration.  Modeling of complex pension rules
  • Business process modeling, data cleansing and conversion were significant hurdles to overcome in order to move the client from a largely paper-based system to an automated system.
  • Project required considerable resourcing effort to define and model pension rules and to manage client communications, resources and expectations
  • Project governance included regular interaction / reviews through the Project Office of the CIO.

Application Development

Dual project management role:

  • Managed in-house resources (9 technical/programming staff) for application development, testing, training and release.
  • Managed client resources (technical and functional staff) for requirements definition, data cleansing and conversion, People Soft HR and Payroll integration, and technical and infrastructure support.
  • Spent considerable extra effort to model the complex pension rules, document specifications, communicate ongoing project planning information to the client, and schedule the client’s in-house resources


  • Project delivered on time and on budget according to plan
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